Our mission is to help you grow your business to a next level.

“G & F has been importing from China and Pakistan for over 30 years. Starting from scratch, to current million-dollar annual sales, we experienced everything exploring the unknown and getting the way to succeed. 

Now that we have established partnership with Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Groupon, and more, I realize that sellers like you need the exact knowledge and connections like ours to expand your own market in the U.S.

That’s why I build Hub-Way, a platform to fill in the gaps of knowledge and capabilities for cross-border sellers like you to get to the end. We know everything about selling in the U.S., and we want to help you with our whole heart.”

Hub-Way: About Us
Hub-Way: About Us

Owner of G & F Products, Inc.® and Hub-Way, Inc. Executive MBA

Hub-Way: About Us
Hub-Way: About Us

30+ years experience in cross-border business and E-commerce

Own brands:  CutSHIELD™, JustForKids™, MiniGardenn, etc

Key accounts with AMAZON HOMEDEPOT Walmart

Free warehouse in the U.S. for your products

Establish online channelsfor you to sell

Provide marketing research and consultation


Established product line with five-star reviews.

Sold 1000+/week at Amazon.com

Reached 10,000+ sales in 3 days.

Latest launch turning into top 100 products in weeks.