We help you store in the U.S.
Your overseas warehouse and terminal
We support your existing sales operations in the U.S.

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Sell with Hub-Way
We help you fulfill retail orders
Never pay for unsold items, free U.S. storage

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Hub-Terminal™ is your simple and worry-free shipping and storage solution

One-Step Shipping for Your Convenience

Ship in bulk to designated location in your own country

Competitive Cost with Guaranteed Service

One Quarter the shipping cost of our competitors, with only better services.

Hub-Terminal™ Takes care of Everything Else

Customs, Freight Forwarding, Unloading, Shipment Inbound.

Flexible Outbounds at Your Requested Time

Anytime, anywhere, any quantity, you request it, we ship it.

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You get your orders. Hub-Fulfill™ takes care the rest.

 Guaranteed same-day processing
If we receive your order before 1 pm EST, we will ship it out same day
 Error Free Shipping
We guarantee no-error shipment, or we take responsibility for all cost occurred.
 Shipped items updated daily
You will get live shipment report with tracking number, carrier and service selected.
 Personalized shipping message
Ship your promotional materials to us in advance, we put them into your orders as requested.
 Secure real-time shipping rates
Shipping costs will be billed accurately based on real-time shipping charges by carriers.
 Free order revision or cancellation
Requests sent before 1 pm EST will be processed same day accordingly.

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